Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our family farm. We are open for the 2018 holiday season starting November 23rd.

Open daily 10am to 8pm

Come ride the wagon around our beautiful U-cut field during daylight hours. Warm up with sips of complimentary warm cider and hot chocolate. Enjoy a candy cane while you search for your Christmas tree! Take instagram-worthy winter pictures in the trees throughout the season.

As in prior years, alongside the field, we have fresh, local trees cut weekly at a farm south of Redmond in a larger farming area.
The fragrant Grands, classic Nobles, and elegant Frasers are all displayed in water, and priced per foot. We do have our extra tall trees.


- Due to trees being live-cut, and wanting you to have the freshest trees, we only have Noble firs available the first weekend.
- For our small family farm to be sustainable, with a crop of trees for future years, we limit cutting to earlier in the season. Please check here and facebook for updates regarding U-cut availability.

We look forward to seeing you!


Live Christmas trees are a renewable resource with a positive impact on our climate. Due to photosynthesis Christmas trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Studies by the National Christmas Tree Association show that a single acre of Christmas trees will produce the daily oxygen requirement for 18 people every day.

Here in the Northwest, hundreds of thousands of acres are dedicated to their growth. Each Christmas tree farm plants varieties that are acclimated to the local environment. The average tree from our field takes 6-10 years to reach maturity. We currently plant seedlings 1-3 years old. The most crucial period is the two years of growth after planting. Our "baby" trees are the most susceptible to challenges including morning glory and grass. Christmas tree farming has it's challenges; For every tree that is harvested, anywhere from one to three more seedlings are planted.

As with most farming, we are active all year. We spend our spring and summer mowing between and under each tree, and pulling morning glory by hand. Unfortunately we can't change the weather so especially wet or dry seasons can be hard on even mature trees. We also shape and "shear" each tree with a machete-like tool. Our hard work is well-worth seeing everyone out in the field choosing their perfect tree.

Our History

"Grandpa" Larry McMurtrey established our farm over forty years ago, in 1974. We have been growing Christmas trees along Redmond-Woodinville road since 1978. McMurtrey's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm is now owned and operated by his youngest daughter and son-in-law, Jana and Pablo Sifuentes.

We look forward to seeing all the happy faces every year. The tradition of choosing a beautiful Christmas tree with the family, having a cup of hot chocolate or cider, candy canes, and decorating the tree is a loved event.